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Got a legal issue? Use our Attorney Finder to locate a participating Texas Legal attorney near you. Search by area of law and legal issue and location, or do an advanced search to find a lawyer who meets your unique needs. Not sure what kind of attorney you need? Browse our list of legal issues below to find out more about how our attorneys can help you.

Texas Legal does not select an attorney for you. Participating attorneys, not Texas Legal, self-identify their own areas of law in which they practice. Texas Legal does not verify or validate that any participating attorney is qualified to practice in his or her self-identified area of practice of law. Texas Legal provides no guarantee or warranty that any participating attorney is qualified to practice in any identified area of practice of law. You should closely inquire of your selected participating attorney as to his or her qualifications and skills in that chosen area of law in order to evaluate their suitability to handle your legal matter.

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Areas of Practice

As a Texas Legal member, you get coverage across five main areas of law, each covering a broad list of legal issues, as well as other additional benefits. Learn about each area of law and what your Texas Legal plan covers within that area.

Consumer Law

From civil defense to contracts and consumer protection, consumer law makes sure you get what you paid for. Learn more about your consumer law benefits and how they can protect you.

Family Law

Custody, divorce, child support, adoption - family law can be complex and emotional, but with a Texas Legal attorney to help you work through it, your family can thrive. Discover what your plan covers and how you can use it to work through your family law situations.

Criminal Law

No one expects to be accused of a crime, but if it ever happens to you, you’ll have a legal protection on your side. Find out more about how your legal plan can help in criminal law situations.

Estate Planning

Having a will or a trust isn’t just for the wealthy. Every Texan deserves an estate plan, and Texas Legal makes it easy and affordable. Learn about the extensive estate planning benefits Texas Legal offers and how you can get the documents you need to protect your family.

Financial Law

Money is one of the toughest issues out there, but a good attorney can help you navigate it and help you achieve a better financial future. Find out more about Texas Legal’s financial law benefits.

Other Areas

Your plan is so comprehensive that not everything fits into a neat category. An attorney can help you prepare documents and review them, help you with medicare or veterans benefits, help a family member immigrate to the U.S. and much more. Learn about your plans’ other benefits.

Texas Legal Can Point You in the Right Direction

Texas Legal has been serving Texans with our legal benefit plans for over 45 years. We work to stay closely connected to the legal profession that actively practices in the Lone Star State. Have more questions for us? Get in touch!

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